Why Are Authorities Being Overly Cautious In The Opening Of Country, Restaurants, Bars, Pubs?

Why Are Authorities Being Overly Cautious In The Opening Of Country, Restaurants, Bars, Pubs?

Why Are Authorities Being Overly Cautious In The Opening Of Country, Restaurants, Bars, Pubs?

Thailand opened the country on November 1st, without quarantine, for certain countries but have been slow to unlock opening of schools, timing of restaurants or the opening of bars and clubs within the country.

The reasoning of cautiousness in opening fully may sound plausible but the pushing of the opening of bars and clubs which were suppose to happen in early December to mid January next year seems to point to something else, when other countries like Britain and America are opening with no such restrictions. 

With Thailand moving towards a 50% double dose vaccination rate with a plan to achieve a 70% vaccination rate in December, why are we dragging our feet to open fully whileother countries open confidently with just a 60% vaccination rate?

Could the answer be that authorities are not confident in the country’s vaccination campaign from the choice of our vaccine brands to our very own mixed doses formula, which has no international research backing?

With countries opening and authorities having to travel abroad for meetings, they are now realizing that the vaccination shots they have taken are not good enough to gain entry to other countries.

Recently, Anutin Charnvirakul, Public Health Minister, has admitted he needed a fourth shot of Covid-19 vaccine to travel to Switzerland for a World Health Organization meeting, to qualify for entry without quarantine.

He had taken two shots of Sinovac earlier followed by a booster shot of Astra Zeneca. However, he said he would need a fourth shot of Astra Zeneca, with would be 2 doses of the Astra Zeneca vaccine, a 2 dose vaccination formula that would be internationally accepted.

Switzerland does not recognize 2 shots of Sinovac nor does it recognize mixed dosages of  2 Sinovac shots and 1 Astra Zeneca shot or 1 Pfizer shot.

In an attempt to boost confidence, the Health Minister, has come out and said after two shots of Sinovac or Sinopharm and more countries opening, we need shots of vaccines that are accepted by other countries, therefore we need a third and a fourth shot for people who want to travel. He then went on to announce that Thailand will be one of the first country that will be administering the fourth shot to its population.

The Health Minister came so far as to say we may have to rethink our vaccination strategy.

It’s the closest that the authorities have come to admitting that maybe the vaccination campaign we have administered in the past is not sufficient.

Maybe, this is behind the lack of confidence the country is showing in it’s inability to open fully and letting bars and pubs run.

From the beginning, policies of reopening have always benefitted the luxury hotels and the big operators while small operators have been the most effected by the pandemic.

Most of the small operators had taken loans, some outside the system, to restart and make their outlets adhere to disease control measures.

Thai authorities need to take accountability and responsibility for smaller operators in terms of timing and bars and pubs that could not reopen at the targeted date of December 1st, and make sure they can survive until the time the authorities execute an effective and internationally accepted vaccination campaign, that brings confidence back not only to the public but to the authorities themselves, to enable them to reopen the country in full steam. 

Written By TBB.