WHO’s Latest On Inactivated Vaccines : Revised Strategy For Thailand?

WHO’s Latest On Inactivated Vaccines : Revised Strategy For Thailand?

WHO’s Latest On Inactivated Vaccines : Revised Strategy For Thailand?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommended on Thursday that people who are immunocompromised or received an inactivated Covid-19 vaccine should receive a booster dose to protect against waning immunity.

Earlier the WHO has recommended priority of administering primary doses with so many developing countries still achieving a low vaccination rate, rather than boosters.

However, the new, more transmissible Omicron variant has made the WHO taken a closer look at other groups who would need booster shots.

The new inclusion of giving booster shots to those with inactivated vaccines comes after the meeting on Tuesday of the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) to evaluate the need for Covid-19 boosters.

SAGE chair Alejandro Cravioto said that vaccines provide a robust level against  severe desease said “ For the time being we continue to support the need for equity in distribtion of vaccines and the use of a third dose only in those with health problems or people who have received inactivated vaccine”.

Inactivated vaccines takes the SARS-CoV-2 virus and inactivate or kill it using chemicals, heat or radiation and while the WHO did not name the brands of the vaccines, inactivated vaccines are made by Chinese manufacturers Sinovac Biotech, state owned Sinopharm and India’s Bharat Biotech, Covaxin.

In Thailand, three Omicron cases have been confirmed and a potential new one detected, according to the Department of Medical Sciences and although there has been no local transmission yet, the country needs to take speedy precautionary steps.

With Thailand opening up and business operators apprehensive about future potential lockdowns that may see the economy crashing even more, policy makers must focus on making sure people given inactivated vaccines must be given booster shots as quickly as possible.

Moving into the future, Thailand must invest in a revised vaccine strategy and avoid inactive vaccines, amid concerns that they may not be as effective against more transmissible coronavirus variants.

Written By Patra Manas.