Top 10 Delta Mismanagement Mistakes That Govt. Should Correct With Omicron

Top 10 Delta Mismanagement Mistakes That Govt. Should Correct With Omicron

Top 10 Delta Mismanagement That Govt. Should Correct With Omicron

Omicron has given the government a chance to redeem themselves from the Delta mismanagement if they are willing to do their homework and go over the mistakes and errors of their previous attempts during the Delta outbreak. 

There is no doubt that the Government’s earlier mismanagement caused them dearly, evident in the popularity rating crash of both PM Prayuth Chan-o-cha and Palang Pracharath party, reflected in polls over several months.

Regardless of whether Omicron turns out to be more devastating than Delta or not, it would serve the government to be prepared this time and seize leadership of the situation before it becomes a “situation”.

The first step should be a review of the following points:

1. Vaccines 
 Not all vaccines are equal. 
 A vaccine that worked for the original Wuhan strain does not mean it was effective against Delta. Similarly, a vaccine that may have been effective against Delta could falter in the face of Omicron.
The government needs to keep a sharp eye on next generation vaccines and not miss the boat on preorders this time. 
 Vaccine manufacturers are already looking at the effectiveness of their current vaccines.
 “ We should know about the ability of the current vaccine to provide protection in the next couple of weeks, but the remarkable thing about the MRNA vaccines, Moderna platform is that we can move very fast, “ Paul Burton, Moderna’s Chief Medical Officer said on BBC.
 “If we have to make a brand new vaccine I think that’s going to be early 2022 before that’s really going to be available in large quantities,” the Moderna chief added.
 2. Contracts: the devil is in the details 
 The timing and volume of the vaccines’ delivery must be done with due diligence in the contract this time to avoid being caught without any vaccines at a crucial time. 
 3. “Mad Scientist” mentality 
 Our own “mix and match” formula of different vaccines should be avoided since we do not have any cases of Omichron yet so therefore there’s no scientific data and evidence that the formula works, although there are already some murmurings from the government’s medical team that it may work against Omichron as it produces high number of antibodies.
During Delta, it was understandable that without vaccines arriving on time we needed to proceed with a “mix and match” formula but this time we should go with a vaccine campaign that is internationally accepted.
A team of scientists should be created whose only sole job is to scour the scientic community for new developments in vaccines and medicines and to refer quickly to the government for prompt acquisition.

 4. Medical segment & medical facilities
The preparation of enough medical facilities to support an outbreak or the prevention of cluster formations should be the major jobs of the government’s medical team, which are major jobs in itself. The concentration should be on prompt accessibility to medical facilities in case of an outbreak.

5. Transparency of transactions
The most important factor in gaining the confidence of the public is total transparency.
The public needs to know that the government is doing everything to get the best vaccines, test kits and medicines/cures, based on the product’s merits and efficiency and not settling for more convenient options which may be way less effective. 

 6. Attitude of policy makers
Although calmness is commendable, belittling the potential of Omichron’s severity is not. The verdict is not out on the hospitalization and mortality rates, that is true but dismissing it as a common flu is not recommended. With the internet, the public can see for themselves that concern for this variant is gaining momentum overseas.

7. Lockdowns & its execution
If all our defenses fail and we have no choice but to lock down, then we should do so only after considering that a lockdown should be initiated only to wait for next generation vaccines and vaccination.

8. Stimulus packages application convenience
Should we go into a lockdown, stimulus packages aimed at helping people must be timely and easily accessed. It’s best to avoid the usage of apps which proved a nightmare for many people.
Stimulus packages should also be well thought out with the people in mind to actually help businesses and people get back on their feet.
 9. Not leaving anybody behind
 Help from policy makers in any shape or form must cover everybody, including the informal sector. 
 We must move away from situations where people line up for free food provided by good samaritans.
 10. PM Prayuth & the trust factor
If Omichron proves to be a real threat, PM Prayuth should hold a press conference to outline the government’s plan in tackling the outbreak, in a comprehensive way and in it’s totality.
 It would go a long way to build up the Prime Minister’s credibility and people’s trust to go ahead and live their lives, which may not lead to such an economic disaster as we are witnessing now.

Take it as a second chance and let’s do it right this time.

Written By - TBB.