‘The Disruptor’ For Bangkok Governor Candidate May Be A Game Changer For Democrat Party

‘The Disruptor’ For Bangkok Governor Candidate May Be A Game Changer For Democrat Party

‘The Disruptor’ For Bangkok Governor Candidate May Be A Game Changer For Democrat Party

The election for Bangkok’s Governor which is slotted to take place early next year is a long awaited event that is gaining momentum in public attention and media space.

The last election held eight years ago was in March 2013, after which the 2014-2019 National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) junta led by General Prayut Chan-O-Cha froze all subnational elections and in 2016, the NCPO replaced elected Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra of the Democrat Party with retired Police General Aswin Kwanmung, who is the current governor.

The significance of the 2022 race for Bangkok Governor is seen as major battle between core political parties whereby losing the election will represent a major setback for any party, while victory for a party’s candidate will potentially signal the results of the national polls expected to be held by the first half of 2023.

The introduction of Suchatchavee Suwansawas as a candidate to be officially announced by the Democrat Party next week has added spice to a race that saw Chadchart Sittipunt, seen as affiliated closely with Pheu Thai party but running as an independent candidate, leading in every poll.

The Pheu Thai party has not been seen as very popular with Bangkok voters and is the reason why he selected to run independently and not under the Pheu Thai banner.

On the other hand, prior to the 2014 coup, the Democrat Party candidate Sukhumbhand Paribhatra won two Bangkok gubernatorial elections, once in 2009 and the second time in 2013, even though he was seen as trailing behind Pheu Thai’s supported candidate, General Pongsapat Poncharoen, former Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai police in all the polls. 

Although Sutchavee Suwansawas is trailing behind Charchart according to the polls with the former scoring 8 percent (including votes for any Democrat Party candidate) and the latter at over 30 percent, will history repeat itself with a Democrat Party candidate winning the Bangkok Governor’s seat?

As a rival Sutchavee is formidable with a nickname of “The Disruptor” and in past interviews he had said that Bangkokians should not have to keep tolerating chronic problems such as floods after the rains and aspires to be a role model for the new generation in every field.
Dr. Ae, as he is called, is a 49 year old academic, the former rector of King Mongkut Institute of Technology’s Lat Krabang campus, promoter of educational development and pioneer professor, lecturer and consultant in the building of the country’s first underground infrastructures and tunnels from the time he was only 30. 

Furthermore, however the elections turns out, the inclusion of someone of Dr.Ae’s calibre as the Democrat Party candidate is only going to help lift up the image of the the oldest party, the Democrat Party, who have lost so much of its appeal and strength of the party through many MPs quitting the party and being a shadow behind government core party Palang Pracharath, since the 2019 elections.

As recently as last week, after 29 years with the Democrats, Nipit Intharasombat, the party’s deputy leader and eight-term former MP for Phattalung province, resigned from the party over a disagreement on the Democrat Party’s candidate for Phatthalung in the next elections .

Cheun Leepai, speaker of the House of Representatives and former leader of Democrat Party said in a recent interview he was worried about the party and that the reputation and respect of the party has lessened over time. However, he said the party has seen worse days in the past and has rebounded.

Dr. Suchatchavee Suwansawas, “The Disruptor” with his dynamic portfolio as a young achiever has a strong chance to be the catalyst to revitalize the oldest political institution, the Democrat Party, whichever way the Bangkok Governor’s elections turn out. 

Written By TBB.