Thailand’s Post Covid Economy: New Normal, Next Normal Or Nothing New

Thailand’s Post Covid Economy: New Normal, Next Normal Or Nothing New
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Thailand’s Post Covid Economy: New Normal, Next Normal Or Nothing New

In 2020, when Thailand was basking in the glory that the nation was Covid -19 free while other countries struggled with the virus, there was a lot of fancy words being thrown around about new ways of thinking and working .

Mid-June last year Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha declared the government’s   management of the Covid-19 public health crisis a success and launched the  government’s “new normal”.

It was to be a national mission to plan a great Thailand together under a catchy name “Thais Together Build Thailand”.

The idea was to invite people from all sectors of society to map out Thailand’s future after the Covid-19 crisis and outlined three “new normal” ways of working which included the involvement of all sectors to build a greater Thailand with the  government , encouraging people to evaluate government projects and offer feedback and  a greater involvement of PM Prayuth in projects that are top priorities for citizens.

He stressed the country must now lay down the fundamentals for sustainable prosperity.
and post-Covid Thailand will be “ a new nation that is stronger and more respected”.

As this is the “new normal” and it is a new way of thinking and working, the Prime  Minister also said he expected criticism and opposition but he promised to listen to everybody and take their opinions on board.

A year and a quarter later, those words seem to mock back at us. While our country was building castles in the sand and dreaming big about a better Thailand, other countries were busy planning their “new normal” of how they would live and work in the pandemic until the vaccination and medicines arrive.

When the Delta variant hit us mid-this year it truly exposed the hollow words of the government.
When the vaccination plan went horribly wrong, the government could have  involved the private sector but their help was rejected or obstructed by state rules and regulations.

When people took to social media to share the reality and truth of what was happening the government passed an ambiguous rule : posting anything that scared people would be considered punishable.

When protestor took to the streets to demand their choice of vaccines, their voices were   not heard and their opinions were definitely not taken on board.

What happened to moving towards a “new normal” and building a stronger Thailand together? Or is it the same “old normal” of everybody is on their own and everybody needs to build back their own lives separately?

Recently, during a tour to Nakhon Si Thammarat, PM Prayuth asked for 5 more years  and said nothing can be achieved in a year or two but critics point out thst he has been in  power for 7 years.

Now other countries are planning their “next normal”, a visualization of how they want their country to move forward in a post-Covid world.

The bright side though for the government is that the Thai public  at the moment has   lowered their bars in their  expectations of what the government can do for the economy  and for them.

Suffering people are praying for the “old normal” to come back, forget the “new normal”,
they just want to go back to the way things were in 2019.

“Nothing New” is good enough, people long to get out of their misery of mounting  debts, no business, no jobs and no future. 

Written By - Patra Manas.