Thailand Is Resetting And The Economy Wins

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Thailand Is Resetting And The Economy Wins

Written by - Thai Business Box.

The world is resetting and Thailand is going through it’s own process, in our own ‘onion layered Thai way”.

As conflicting parties battled it out over the last few months and are now moving  towards talks and reconciliation, there is a lot of discussions on appeasing the students.

Whichever way it plays out now, the economy will be the winner.


The student movement stems from a deep rooted frustration of the country’s state of economy. A bleak future with dimming chances of employment.

The ‘protests’ is their way of demonstrating  their disbelief that the government has the ability to fix the economy.

Their ‘demands’ is their way of fixing the system so that only parties that demonstrate the ability to move the country forward economically and reduce Thailand’s yawning income inequality will prevail in the future.

Let’s say even if PM Prayuth stays on with his coalition party intact for the rest of the term, the government will no longer be able to bank on a platform based on issues like stability, uniting the country and controlling Covid-19 for the next elections. It  holds no sway with the public and less so if the economy contracts further. Continue reading Below...


The student’s movement has in fact, pushed  “ economic reforms” to the forefront where traditional economic policies focusing on infrastructure building and policies that benefit big players have had no ‘trickle down’ effect or populist policies that do nothing to make the country more competitive needs a long hard look.

From now onwards, any government that wants to stay in power needs to do some hard and smart thinking to make sure that economic growth happens and most importantly it benefits all.