Thai Protest Goes International

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Thai Protest Goes International

Written By - Patra Manas.27-10-2020.

While the government was planning to hijack the extraordinary parliamentary session pivoting from a platform to resolve conflict issues to one of faulting the pro- democracy protests, the students were busy charting their international debut.

Perceiving the system as broken , student protestors have decided to up their game and play in the international arena instead. 

 The parliament was still in session when the students marched to the German Embassy to request for an investigation into whether HM the King was using German soil to conduct affairs of state from there.

This may be viewed by supporters of PM Prayuth and his government as an endorsement of their view that the student’s ultimate target all along was the monarchy institution, reenforcing the government’s ability to delay swift responses to the protestors’ demands.

That may not be the right move. 

In Thailand’s decades of coups and military government, pro-democracy movements have always looked towards the monarchy to bring about a return to democracy, to be the referee, so to speak.

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This move by the students to take it to an international level, outwardly hostile, is nothing more than a path taken to convince the monarchy to bring back democracy to the country by initiating PM Prayuth’s resignation. Their ultimate goal is the same; the return of democracy, so that capable politicians can have a chance to take Thailand out of it’s economic crises. Their ultimate goal is not to abolish the monarchy institution, this they have reiterated many times.

Up to now, international responses was limited, with the US and the EU, champions of democracy, opting to stay out of it. Bringing Germany into the equation will elevate Thai protests into the international spotlight as all eyes globally will be on how Berlin is going to respond, after being put in such a tight spot.

In the Thai establishment’s attempt to put the lid on constructive discourses on the monarchy institution internally, they have only managed to blow the lid on the country’s internal issues internationally.

This will be the first time the history of Thai politics will be written based on the actions and reactions of two governments