Stay Visible!

Online Marketing.

Stay Visible!

Stay Visible!

There is no doubt businesses are going through some tough times right now and it’s hard to think clearly on how to take your business forward in an uncertain world. The impulsive response in such challenging times is for businesses to cut every non-essential cost in order to conserve cash reserves. Marketing and brand promotions are the first expenses to go, is that the way it should be? Nothing causes disruptions for your business and concern among your customers than if you go off the radar Instead, you should be visible in the frontline where in today’s world the frontline is the digital world. You can choose to stay relevant and visible and display a drive to succeed.There is no need to disappear off the grid when keeping your business constantly top of mind online does not necessarily mean you need to spend a fortune.

Smart online marketing is the way to go to inspire confidence in your customers and the market.What are the different channels that are appropriate at this time?

Email Marketing

Engaging in email marketing campaigns is a brilliant way to share updates on the status of your business, whether you have Covid price offers on, how your business and services can help your potential customers now, how you may have pivoted your business to best suit the environment  and providing helpful information that keeps your customers updated and informed.

Content Creation

Focus your message that is relevant to today’s world but stay positive. Sharing helpful contents that offers your customers tools and advice and stories about how your business is coping or helping the community and linking it back to your website. People love good stories, highlight a different way of doing business, showcase new or extra services.


Your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy should be all about updating and applying new keywords that include topics that are relevant in today’s world. Your business will survive and thrive if you can spend extra time setting up strong SEO foundations and improving your keyword rankings.

Branding & Website

Many businesses are putting off their branding and website work because it’s time consuming but while economy is slow, this is the perfect opportunity to revisit these foundations for when the economy opens up again. Revamping your brand, redesigning or developing websites will take about 1-2 months but if this is put in place you may find your business will not only survive this downturn but thrive as well.

How We Can Help You

We are driving a “Keep Your Business Visible During Covid " campaign to  support business owners keep their businesses visible and on the radar.

Central to this campaign is our understanding that most businesses are going through a liquidity crunch right now and therefore our focus is making sure we customize every online “visibility” campaign according to your business needs and budget.

Start a conversation with us now and put your business on the “visibility” track.

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