“Recover & Rejuvenate” : Thailand should reach out to Coronavirus “long haulers” for medical tourism

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“Recover & Rejuvenate” : Thailand should reach out to Coronavirus “long haulers” for medical tourism
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“Recover & Rejuvenate” : Thailand should reach out to Coronavirus “long haulers” for medical tourism

Written By - Thai Business Box. 08-10-2020.

Worldwide, long after they have clinically tested negative for the disease, there is a growing number of people who are suffering long term disabling after-effects of the disease after they have been declared Covid-free.

They are called “long-haulers.”

According to recent studies, some of the most common “long-hauler symptoms” or long term side effects from the virus include: respiratory issues, post-infection fatigue syndrome, post intensive care syndrome, blood clots and muscle aches.

Worrying reports now indicate that the virus may be capable of inflicting long-lasting damage to the lungs, heart and nervous system.

Apart from the physical aspects, “long haulers” have also been effected mentally and emotionally, for being ill from Covid-19 would have been an extremely traumatic experience.

As most countries’ medical segment have their hands full with treating active Covid-19 patients and containing the spread of the virus in their country, treating and providing comprehensive medical care for post Covid patients or “long haulers” is not a top priority, a gap that Thai medical sector can fill.

There are many factors working in favour of “long haulers” and their companions to seek out Thailand as a place to “recover and rejuvenate.”

Even pre-pandemic, Thailand gained worldwide recognition for the quality of its healthcare services, after the nation ranked sixth in the 2019 list of countries with the best healthcare systems, compiled by US magazine CEOWORLD. Furthermore, Thailand’s successful campaign, led by our medical team, to contain the pandemic in the  country has also served to enhance the exceptional reputation of our medicare industry.

Coupled with the fact that Thailand is the one of the most sort out tourist destinations of the world, Thailand offers a wide array of vacation choices for “long haulers” and   their companions.

How does Thailand benefit from this?

“Long haulers” in search of medical solutions to their condition would have no reservations about spending two weeks in quarantine once they land in Thailand, especially if their healing process could begin in a spa quarantine.

Its likely that they would not need hospitalisation and would be out-patients of hospitals and clinics who would be monitoring their condition and providing treatments to lessen the long lasting effects of the disease, making it possible for   them and their companions to enjoy a stay in Thailand like any other tourists.

As reported by The Nation, Tares Krassanairawiwong, director general of the Department of Health Service Support had said that at present there are 1,123 foreigners staying in alternative hospital quarantine, of whom 652 are patients and 471 are their companions. Collectively, this group has brought in Bt. 114 million in revenue.

If we reach out and extend a helping hand to “long haulers” which is a growing number globally especially in countries which have been hardest hit by the virus from US to India, they in turn may just help our tourism sector.