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Prepare Your Brand For The Post Covid World

The coronavirus pandemic and it’s resulting economic devastation caught everybody by surprise.

Many businesses across every sector are bracing themselves for the downturn in revenue that may take awhile to recover.

Whatever happens in the future, the trend that will accelerate will be a faster move to digitisation across all facets of life with online being the the new normal. 

What will also change permanently is how brands need to be marketed and perceived,  engaging proactively with customers.

In the present scenario, businesses that choose to “go dark” and do nothing while waiting it out, may find themselves in a disadvantaged position when the economy and world opens up.

Putting your corporate/brand building efforts “on hold” now can cause long term damage that may take your business years to recover from.

SMEs who focus on innovation, digital marketing and online brand building strategies are best positioned to come out successfully in the present scenario.

SMEs need to adopt digital marketing initiatives now  and only those SMES which are adaptable and agile in implementing it will be able to survive and grow.

What has also changed permanently is how brands are marketed.

Whereas in the past, it may have been sufficient to place your business listings in third party directory websites with the main aim of driving traffic to your own page and website, a major pivoting in your online marketing strategy must happen now to compete in the post Covid world.

How and from where you drive traffic to your website, your home in the digital world, is as equally important as how welcoming, informative, helpful and friendly is your home when they do visit.

Reputations must be built by helping consumers through difficult times defined by peaked unemployment, heightened financial insecurity and depressed national economy. Empathy and helping the customer is key to moving forward.

Build your brand during these challenging times and develop a next-generation digital customer experience.

How We Can Be Of Help

Thai Business Box’s main goal is to be of help to businesses in Thailand by providing information and analyses of political, economic, business topics in the country without bias and propaganda, for businesses to be able to make better informed decisions.

During these tiring times, we want to be of further help to businesses by helping you on the path that will best see your business succeed in a post covid world.

Building your own online corporate/brand  presence.

The purpose here is not to maximize our profits but to be a partner with you in preparing your business to compete in the “New Economy.”

You may be surprised by our fees and packages but there is no catch here, we aim to make you succeed at the lowest price possible in these economic times.

Here’s Our “Prepare Your Business For The Post Covid World” Package:

Corporate /Brand Identity + Website + SEO= Starting From 15,000 THB 

Payment schedules can be discussed .

Corporate/ Brand Identity Includes:

Logo Creation.

Content Creation & Marketing Strategy

Website Includes:

Website Concept

Website Development

(All websites designed will be user friendly, mobile friendly and SEO optimized).

SEO Includes:

Quality Link Building


Submission of Links & Content

(Results of website visibility on front pages of Google within 3 months)

Email Marketing at Covid Prices

You can also join us in increasing your online presence and driving traffic to your  website by joining us on our weekly email campaign that reaches 27,000 plus customers in Thailand.

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