Pheu Thai’s Turnaround On S112 Ends Flirtation With “New Generation”

Pheu Thai’s Turnaround On S112 Ends Flirtation With “New Generation”

Pheu Thai’s Turnaround On S112 Ends Flirtation With “New Generation”

On Monday, Chaikasem Nitisri, chairman of political strategy and direction for  Pheu Thai announced the party’s intention to push proposals to amend Sections 112 and 116 of the Criminal Code in parliament.

“New Generation”, student protestors and activists were in a state of euphoria believing that Pheu Thai, Thailand’s largest party is joining their “fight”.

By Thursday, Pheu Thai’s new leader Dr. Cholnan Srikaew stated that Pheu Thai party will not be the main proponent in amending s 112 but will act as the medium through which people can bring the issues to parliament.

So what happened?

Exiled PM Thaksin Shinawatra posted on his Facebook fan page that the s112 law itself was not the problem, had never been a problem but the problem lies with people in the justice system, especially the government who use it for political gain.

He called on both sides to “stop the drama” and to take a relook at the content of s112 before thinking of amending it. He also urged the two sides to engage in dialogue and sort it out.

People who felt it was a copout on the part of Pheu Thai stormed social media, going so far as to call for a ban for ‘Thaksin’s Return”.

Pheu Thai party is slowly finding that reaching out to the new generation is not as simple as the relaunching of the party with a flashy logo, the launching of a younger version of Thaksin, his daughter, Paetongtarn Shinawatra, as party’s chief adviser on participation and innovation or some motivational speeches delivered in a well- choreographed event. 

The “new generation” desperately want change, real changes that will bring out results that will in turn act as catalysts for more changes towards a new Thailand.

Mr Thaksin’s notes on his thoughts over s112 and “stop the drama” comment seriously hurt the sentiments of the young, although it was aimed at both the government and the protestors. 
The “new generation” have been fighting tooth and nail for changes and in the process have seen their friends hauled unceremoniously to jail under this law.

It’s very real to them and for Thaksin to insinuate that it’s a “drama” shows a lack of understanding of what really matters to them, forget about standing shoulder to shoulder with them in the “fight”. He, who many see as the real leader of Pheu Thai have let them down as many in power of the older generation have done all along and is showing his age.

Another realization has dawned amongst the “new generation” that Mr Thaksin’s and Pheu Thai party’s main goal is to bring back Thaksin to Thailand and this turnaround is so that the ambition of ‘Thaksin’s Return” will not be jeopardized.

Analysts believe that exiled Thaksin is relying on the monarchy and military for his pardon and return to the country.

Maybe if that is their main goal, Thaksin and Pheu Thai would have been better off concentrating on their core vote base and stayed clear of trying to encroach into Move Forward’s territory where only the brave dare.

Written By - TBB.