Of Honour, Duty And Love of Country

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Of Honour, Duty And Love of Country

Written by - Thai Business Box.

A few days ago, PM Prayuth was asked whether he would resign to relieve the mounting political tensions in the country and his reply was, “ No, what wrong have I done?.” He’s absolutely right, PM Prayuth and his government has done no wrong and can do no wrong.

Always saying the right things, always abiding by ‘international standards’, always being politically correct.

PM Prayuth, his military backed government and influential supporters are united under one philosophy. Why break rules when you can simply change them?

Thailand is caught in a video game where players on one side have to be nimble at avoiding landmines and compete with the other side who coded the game and therefore can change the rules at any given time. Game Over.

Coming back to PM Prayuth’s question to his critics. 

Leaving political and constitutional issues out of the equation, let’s turn that question on its head and ask instead “ what has he done right?”

For isn’t that the correct question to ask in judging a leader’s performance? 

In today’s world, survival of leadership in both democratic and non-democratic countries alike hinge on their ability to do the right things in terms of economic policies that brings sustainable growth for their people across the board. Continue Reading Below .. 


America is heading towards elections and polls are being conducted on an almost daily scale to gauge whether President Trump has a chance of being re-elected. Poll participants are asked a simple question. “Is your life better now than four years ago?”

Zooming to Asia and looking at two communist party led governments, China and  Vietnam, their leadership is focussed entirely on the betterment of their people through economic enrichment. Despite the pandemic, a 4.9% and a 2.52% GDP rise year over year in the third quarter has been reported for China and Vietnam respectively.

This herculean feat could have been achieved only because both governments have done many right things to lay the foundation of their economy over the years pre- pandemic and proves that economic advancement is the implicit promise that leaders must deliver on, regardless of the country’s ideology.

On the other hand, Thailand’s economy is in free fall.

It is convenient right now to lay the country’s economic disruption on the doorsteps of the protestors but Thai economy was in trouble long before the students hit the streets.

The economy was also in trouble long before Covid -19 became a global pandemic.

From 2015, Thai economy has been economically “mismanaged” and by 2019 the GDP was a mere 2.4 %. 

Thailand’s economy is poised to contract by 8.9% this year, worse than any other nation in Asia.

 Who will take responsibility for this sorry state of economic affairs?

Supporters of PM Prayuth see him as a man of honour, bound by duty and love for the country. Stability and peace in the country will eventually bring economic progress as Thailand has it’s own uniqueness and path, they say. 

Taking that into consideration, are we any closer to peace and stability? The student protests engulfing the country and glimpses of the return of the ‘yellow shirts’ paints a different picture. 

It can also be argued that PM Prayuth has not even been able to protect his main supporters, the ‘yellow shirts’ nor the institution of the monarchy that he professes loyalty and love for.

“Yellow Shirts” once proud guardians of the elite and establishment are now relegated to being seen as groups of people who are nothing more than dinosaurs, outdated, old-fashioned and completely irrelevant in a vision of ‘New Thailand’.

Most shockingly, for the first time in decades of Thai history, people are openly defying the authority of the monarchy.

All this happened under PM Prayuth’s watch and could could have been avoided if he had kept his word and started the process of constitution amendments much earlier. Instead, his delay tactics woke up the sleeping giant.

It’s not too late for PM Prayuth to do the right thing and prove he is a man of honour.