No “Lisa Show” Reveals A Deeper, Fundamental Flaw In Government’s Management 

No “Lisa Show” Reveals A Deeper, Fundamental Flaw In Government’s Management 

No “Lisa Show” Reveals A Deeper, Fundamental Flaw In Government’s Management 

Increasingly, what the government says and does has become incredibly unreliable and is losing their credibility fast and furious amongst the citizens of the country.

The current government is known for their big talk but they don’t walk the talk.

Mid October, the Tourism and Sports Ministry announced a Year-End Countdown that would include two world famous names, K-pop sensation Lalisa “Lisa” Manoban in Phuket and Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli in Bangkok.

It would cost the country Bt600-700 million while Tourism and Sports Minister Phiphat Ratchakit confirmed he could arrange Bt500 million from the private sector.

As soon as it was announced, a heated debate emerged with public divided into 3 groups of thinking. 

The first group felt it required a huge budget that seemed too extravagant at such a time, the second group felt it was worth it and would jumpstart our ailing tourism sector and economy and the third group, the most cynical and critical of the government, laughed and questioned whether Lisa had even been asked about her availability.

It’s insane that the third group turned out to be right. Thai authorities announced the show and even the budget without even confirming on Lisa’s availability from her South Korean Agency.

Recently Lisa’s managing agency, YG Entertainment, issued a short statement in  reaction to news that Lisa had confirmed to join Thailand’s New Years Countdown that Lisa will not be attending the event.

Did Thai authorities talk directly with Lisa without going through the correct protocol of talking to her agency first?

The government still has not grasped the concept of “ the devil is in the details”.

The same negligence to details landed Thailand in a mess with the government’s vaccine and vaccination management plan.
Early this year, Anutin Charnvirakul, Public Health Minister, boasted that by June, arms of Thai people will be filled with vaccines, promising that 15 million doses will come from Astra Zeneca in June and more later.

June came and went with no vaccines. 
It turns out the contract with Astra Zeneca did not specify the delivery timing.

Perhaps the most damaging to the country in the long run would be the Kingsgate case.
In 2016, when Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha used Section 44 of the interim constitution to suspend production at the Chatree gold mine in Phichit and Phetchabun on harmful environmental and health grounds, legal experts warned him against the move.
The mine was operated by Akara Resources Plc, a subsidiary of Australian company Kingsgate Consolidated Ltd.
When Prime Minister Prayuth was presented with alternative options on how to handle the situation, he stuck to his guns of using section 44 and announced grandly that he would “solely take responsibility” for the mine closure.

After staging the coup in 2014, PM Prayuth had given himself absolute power under section 44 overriding all three legislative, executive and judiciary branches, with unlimited executive power and impunity.

Legal experts warned him that the law may not confirm to international legal standards.

The Kingsgate company initiated an arbitration process based on the argument that the government’s order was unlawful under the Thailand-Australian Free Trade Agreement and would seek compensation thought to be 36 billion baht.

Recently, Kingsgate and the Thai Government have jointly requested that the arbitral tribunal hold the award until 31 October 2021 to allow the parties a short extension to come to a settlement.

Thai media speculation is rife that PM Prayuth knows the case will be ruled against Thailand and is entering into a settlement that many see as giving up much more of the country’s resources and licenses than Kingsgate was entitled to earlier.

Trust in PM Prayuth’s and his government’s ability to manage the country is at an all time low and it should come as no surprise to anybody that the ‘Lisa Show’ turned out to be a ‘Lisa No Show’.

Written By - TBB.