Looming Elections : Thailand Desperately Seeking A Super Economic Fixer

Looming Elections : Thailand Desperately Seeking A Super Economic Fixer
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Looming Elections : Thailand Desperately Seeking A Super Economic Fixer

With early election rumors getting louder and speculations abound, people have started thinking about who will be the next PM. Or who they want as their next PM. Or who they don’t want as their next PM.

In the economic state the country is in, it requires someone very special to take over the reins, an all-rounder who is an economic genius, a political survivor who knows how to maneuver through the maze of Thai politics and is not hated by either side of the political spectrum, in short no less than a superhero whose super power is a knack for fixing economy.

But is this super fixer anywhere in sight? Or is the country’s best choice still PM Prayuth Chan-o-cha?

Anti-government groups are looking towards the leaders in the opposition parties for an alternative to PM Prayuth. 

Spotlight is on leaders of the Pheu Thai and Kao Klai parties.

Due to the change of election laws to be based on a two ballot system, big parties are expected to do well while smaller parties may struggle to get the same seats they got in the last elections. The next PM is likely to come from a major party.

The bet is on the biggest party who have won in every election , Pheu Thai, to again do well in the next elections, possibly with a landslide. However, unlike all other parties, Pheu Thai is keeping their cards close to their chest, and have refrained from announcing their PM candidate. 

Pheu Thai promises that their PM candidate, once revealed, will be a “wow” factor.
This “masked” candidate has created a bit of speculation amongst Thai public on who could it be, but with Pheu Thai’s recent relaunch of their logo and slogan to “Tomorrow For Thailand” ( “For Thailand” is a play on their name Pheu Thai), it would most likely be someone who would have a vision for a better, prosperous Thailand in the future.

Could the “masked” candidate be the super economic fixer?

Another rising star to watch out for is the leader of Kao Klai party, Mr. Pita Limjaroen.
The charismatic leader has made grounds in the northeast with his promise to revolutionize the country from the grass root level and win hearts by solving land and water problems.

Kao Klai party is the party launched by former executives of the dissolved Future Forward Party led by Thanathorn Juanroongruangkit, who was hugely popular amongst younger and forward thinking people who want reforms. In the previous election, Future Forward Party came in third although they launched their party just a few months before elections.

For the next election, Kao Klai is no longer considered a newbie or a small party and it is expected that the party will do even better than they did in the previous election.
His supporters believe Mr. Pita is a strong leader and a visionary with clear political ideology.

Can Pita be the one?

That’s not to say that PM Prayuth should be written off.

With elections scheduled for 2023 and the decision for a dissolution of Parliament in PM Prayuth’s hands, the ball is still very much in his court.

The PM can choose his own time to dissolve the House and would probably only do it when the economy is on the rebound, with a successful reopening and the pandemic mismanagement behind him or he can complete his term and give himself a year more to bring the country to an economic high.

If PM Prayuth can successfully pull off a swift economic recovery in 2022, then the popularity vote will definitely swing in his favor, as he has an advantage of being an incumbent PM, making him the “Super Economic Fixer” in our own backyard.

Written By - Patra Manas.