Seeking Entrepreneurial and Visionary
Buyer for Profitable LINE Sticker Business

Listing No. 066-78-02-001


  • Business:  LINE Sticker Business

  • Location:  (currently) Bangkok-based, Thailand

  • Features:  This 21st century business has
    been operating for 9 years. Not your traditional “bricks ‘n mortar” business,
    this is the future and in terms of income, the sky is the limit. The
    inventory consists of between 800 and 900 cartoon-character online
    stickers especially developed for the LINE application (14 LINE Creator
    accounts) and extensions of that, like animations, actual stickers,
    artwork rights, books, cookie wrappers and the like. All of the
    characters created have stories about them making them amazing and very
    impressive. Some people reading this will not understand, others will
    see the value immediately. With online stickers selling for around 30
    baht each, the business is currently making between 400,000 baht and
    600,000 baht monthly in net profit and that is AFTER commissions have
    been paid to LINE and Play Store. Do the math - that’s a lot of sticker
    downloads! What makes this business even more interesting and worthy of
    the price tag is the fact that all of this income is derived entirely in
    Thailand. There is no reason why this same business model (even using
    the same stickers) cannot be applied in other countries. Ideally, places
    like Japan and Korea, and other Asian countries, offer great potential
    markets for a new buyer to expand into. Half a million baht a month can
    quite easily be turned into 1 million baht a month, then 1.5 million
    baht a month, etc. You just have to keep rolling out the new countries,
    or if you prefer, just sit back and be content with your half million a
    month from the current owners established business. We expect this
    business will sell for asking price or close to it - if you cannot see
    the value in this offer or are not prepared to consider it at the asking
    price, you need not waste your time. This business will be sold to an
    entrepreneurial and visionary business-minded person or company who
    understands the future of online businesses, and is ready to take their
    share of it.

  • Tenure:  Business Sale (No Premises)

  • Asking Price:  THB

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    Please contact us for more detailed information (we require your
    name, phone number and e-mail address)

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Ken Smith

Thailand / Bangkok กรุงเทพมหานคร