Land for Rent close to Andaman Sea in
Krabi – From 2 Rai to 12 Rai

Listing No. 066-18-01-002


  • Business:  Land for Rent

  • Location:  Kao Thong, Muang, Krabi, Thailand

Features:  This 12 Rai of land for rent is located in
Khao Thong road in Krabi.  It may be
leased in smaller portions, but a minimum of 2 Rai.  The land has an access to the Andaman Sea
and mangroves.  The land is accessible
by main road and has a Claim Cerification (Sor Kor 1).  There is a pier to Koh Yao Noi, Koh Yao Yai
and Phi Phi Island within 5 minutes’ drive. 
There is a developed bungalow nearby, making it an ideal location for bungalows
or restaurants development.  The owner
is willing to give a long lease to enable tenants enough time to develop and
make money.

  • Tenure:  Leasehold, 3 years renewable (3+3+3),
    but a longer lease can be negotiated

  • Asking Price:  N/A -
    Rent only 230,000 baht per Rai per year

  • More Information
    Please contact us for more information


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Ken Smith

Thailand / Krabi กระบี่