Chiang Mai Stand Alone House for Rent
Suitable for Restaurant and Guesthouse

Listing No. 066-10-01-007


  • Business:  Stand Alone House for Rent

  • Location:  Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Features:  This stand-alone house on a
    landscaped block is being offered for rent to be developed as a restaurant
    or guest house or the like.  Close
    to the bus terminal, railway station and about 3km’s to the night bazaar,
    it sits on 1 rai of land.  There is
    no company being offered with this listing.  Financial records are not applicable as
    the building is vacant.  There is no
    key money.

  • Tenure:  Property Rental (Leasehold
    Premises). 3 years with option to renew (Rolling Lease)

  • Asking
    :  NIL - Rental only

  • More
    :  Please provide
    your name, phone number (with country code) and email address so we can
    contact you to assist

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Ken Smith

Thailand / Chiang Mai เชียงใหม่