Khunying Sudarat’s Stance A Promise For “Small” Businesses & People

Khunying Sudarat’s Stance A Promise For “Small” Businesses & People

Khunying Sudarat’s Stance A Promise For “Small” Businesses & People

Khunying Sudarat Keruraphan was a former chairwoman of Pheu Tha Party’s strategic committee. She was her party’s prime minister candidate in the 2019 Thai general election.

Khunying Sudarat resigned from Pheu Thai, after an internal power struggle and set up her own party in mid March this year under the name Thai Sang Thai (Thais Build Thais)

While the party is relatively unknown, Khunying Sudarat enjoys tremendous popularity as the next prime ministerial candidate, appearing in top 5 position in most polls.
In a recent Nida poll, when asked to name the person they wanted to be prime minister if there was a new election, 28.67% chose Pita Limjaroen; 21.27% Gen Prayuth Chan-0- cha; 19.35% Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan.

In an earlier poll, 32-61% said no-one was suitable for the post; 17.54% were for Gen Prayuth, 11.15% for Khunying Sudarat and 11.05% for Pita Limjaroen.

Why does Khunying Sudarat enjoy such a huge following even though she is no longer the leader of a large party like Pheu Thai?

Perhaps it’s the reason she gives for setting up her own party of working for the “little people” to narrow Thailand’s social and economic gaps and fight the dictatorship that resonates with the masses.

In a recent Matichon program on “ Change Challenges” where heads of 4 parties were asked to talk about how do they see changes challenges” for Thailand from 2022 onwards, Khunying Sudarat answer was a promise to “liberate” and “empower” small people clarifying that the group included SMEs to farmers to the underprivileged.

The politician detailed out the plan to “liberate” people in practical ways giving an example of doing away with outdated rules and regulations that hampers and obstructs SMEs path to setting up, recovering and making money quickly.

Khunying Sudarat seeks to “empower” SMEs through providing them access to what most small people lack:
1. Capital
2.Knowledge & Technology
3. Marketing Skills
Her answer to bring this about is to set up 5 investment funds which include one for SMEs, Start Ups, Tourism, Farmers and Household Debts. to bring people operating outside the system inwards.

Khunying Sudarat declared that the older generation would act as foundation and pillars for the new generation to use as a springboard to grow and prosper. She invited people of all ages to work together and join the party in the creation of a new Thailand.

She reiterated “That’s why Thai Sang Thai was born. We want it to be an institution of the people which is inclusive, does not belong to anyone or any group of people but belongs to the public”.

Most importantly she said “The small people’s voice is never heard and before we think of any changes, we need to listen first, to what they want and how do they see the future of Thailand”.

Khunying Sudarat’s way is not flashy but practical and maybe this is what the country needs. An experienced politician who does not have a “know it all” attitude, who understands the importance of the younger generation and what they need, to have a prosperous future and willing to step back and be the foundation from which the youth and the small people can spring.

Written By - TBB.