Ratchada Law Firm

Ratchada Law Firm is a globally recognized law firm based in Thailand and Cambodia. The firm provides a wide range of expertise supporting clients in all areas of personal and business life. Many of our lawyers are internationally recognized in their field and the practice areas are highly ranked by other legal directories.

The firm works substantially to address the legal issues faced by foreigners while staying in Cambodia and Thailand. To date, our highly experienced professional lawyers have assisted thousands of clients with their legal cases. Ratchada Law Firm offers a wide range of legal services to both local and foreigners – including:

Criminal Defence Lawyers -  Ratchada Law Firm has specialist criminal defense lawyers with exceptional pre-charge records. Our lawyers offer 24-hours confidential inquiry line. They work hard to defend the client’s reputation at every stage. Our lawyers have extensive experience in representing people charged with a felony, misdemeanor, and criminal offenses.

Bail Requests -  Do you need bail quickly? Do you need help in the bail process? Ratchada Law Firm has highly qualified lawyers to help you get your loved ones or friend out of jail right away.

Litigation - Ratchada Law Firm is a nation-wide provider of litigation and related services – including forensic consulting and deposition. If you need court reporting services, translation or interpretation services, or help with transcription, Ratchada Law Firm has experienced and certified professionals who are ready to help.

Counsel and Representation - The firm provides general representation as well as counsel to clients. You can also benefit from an outside general counsel. If you need assistance with the day-to-day matter or if your business firm needs legal expertise – Ratchada Law Firm will help you using their state-of-the-art expertise.

Family Legal Services - At Ratchada Law Firm, the lawyers understand their client’s feelings and offer an unwavering commitment in order to protect your interest & rights. Ratchada lawyers and attorneys recognized the delicate nature of family – and that’s why they seek to ensure completion of cases at hand on priority basis. The family legal services are recognized as one of the best in Thailand and Cambodia. The firm specializes in the following services:


Divorce & Child Custody

Child Adoption Heritage

Visa & Work Permits

Ratchada Law Firm deals in all kinds of family cases filed in the original jurisdiction in the family courts – its constitution petitions and appeals in the high court against the impugned judgment or order.

There are many foreigners in Thailand and Cambodia. We cover all family laws for Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, and Muslims about marriage, divorce, custody of child, and/or heritage matter, etc.

Our lawyers are likewise experts in different kind of settlements, agreements, child issues, legitimacy, and property cases.

Civil Law Services - Company registration has increased as more and more foreigners are doing business in Cambodia and Thailand. If you need legal assistance with company or business registration in Thailand and/or Cambodia – Ratchada Law Firm has qualified lawyers who will guide and assist you through all stages of the process. We likewise provide Visa & Work Permit, Residency, and notary services.

Other services offered by Ratchada Law Firm include Company Registration, Banking Support, Accounting, License Acquisition, VAT Registration and Social Security. We also provide assistance in Intellectual Property, Financial Reporting, Tax Payments, Tax Registration, Income Tax Payments, and Payroll Services.

Feel free to contact our English-speaking experienced professional lawyers at Ratchada Law Firm. Give us a call or email us today – we guarantee to respond fast – i.e. within 24 hours.

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