How to Start & Operate a Successful Business in Thailand & the Professionals you must not ignore.

Starting a business is no easy task and made even more challenging when it’s in a foreign country. Thailand is a country where starting a business is not a problem but making it a success is another ball game altogether, especially for foreigners. In many ways, Thailand is an atypical market where a concept that may have worked worldwide or in other countries may not work here. It’s not just a language or cultural obstacle, both of which can be learnt but let’s put it this way. Why Thai market is difficult to crack has spurned numerous debates amongst foreigners and expats who have experienced it first hand. The answer is not conclusive, it just is.
Thailand has huge potential to be a market for a successful business if you embrace this point and give yourself a better chance by employing the services of professionals in various fields in the Thai market before you start your venture. The truth is there are no shortcuts.If you think that because of your limited capital you should save on professional fees and take advice from friends or other ‘experienced’ foreigners or wing it yourself you should rethink that. The cost of losing all your hard earned capital in a failed business far outweighs the fees or costs of involving professionals. You may also find that professionals in their fields actually save you money in the long run and increase your profitability because they know the ins and outs and the tricks of the trade. That’s why there are professionals because they can offer much more than the information that is put out on the internet. You know, “the google research”. A strong professional network lets you tap additional resources, opinions and solutions that will turn your business vision into a successful reality.

There are two ways through which you can start a business in Thailand, that is by buying an existing and operating business or by starting your own from scratch.
It’s important to understand that even if you buy an existing business you need to go through the same process as starting one from scratch and seek the help of professionals. Why? There’a reason why business owners sell their businesses, either they are making a loss or have reached a dead end where they cannot grow their business
anymore. The bottom line is you should only buy a business based on its physical and tangible assets that will be of use to you in your particular line of business. Everything else you would need to rebuild, recreate and revamp, the path of which is no different from starting a business from scratch if you wish to move it towards a profitable, successful vision.

Following is the checklist of recommended fields of professions that you need to consult with where relevant to your business:


Your Business Legal Advice

Corporate Lawyers - Company Set Up, Visas & Work Permit, Buying An Existing Business, Due Diligence
Contract Lawyers- Contracts Under Thai law
Property Advisors & Lawyers- Buying, Leasing, Renting Commercial Properties
Licenses & Compliances Advisors-Get Proper Licenses & Compliances For Specific Activities Under Thai Law

Your Business Space

Commercial Property & Business Brokers/ Agencies - Find Commercial Property & Offices
Interiors & Architects- for your office, workplace, commercial property

Your Business Operational Solutions

Outsourced Finance, Accounting & Taxation
Outsourced Payroll
Outsourced Staffing
HR Consultants, Recruitment

Your Business Strategies

Business Consultants
Hotel Business Consultants
Restaurants Consultants 

Coffee Shop Consultants
Import/Export Consultants
E Commerce Consultants

Your Online Marketing Solutions

Website Solution Agencies
Online and Digital Marketing Agencies

Your Promotional & Marketing Material

Design & Printing Of Flyers, Brochures


Your Business Legal Advice

Corporate Lawyers - Company Set Up, Visas & Work Permit, Buying An Existing Business, Due Diligence

To start business operations in Thailand, you need to incorporate your business which can be a complicated process as the registration procedures and the documentations are in Thai. Foreigners are allowed to own 49% of a company while 51% must be Thai owned. There are exceptions to the rule but employing the professional services of a corporate lawyer is highly recommended as lawyers can help you understand and review the different incorporation options in Thailand according to your business needs and at the same time make sure that all the necessary requirements are met under Thai law. A professional law firm can also help you out with your work permit and visa while setting up your company.

In case you are considering buying an existing business in Thailand instead of starting one from scratch, then the services of a corporate lawyer becomes essential. The good news is by buying an existing business, getting a work permit on board would become an easier task.A company in Thailand must have a minimum of four Thai employees before it can apply for one work permit for a foreigner. Existing Thai businesses may already have the required number of staff with social security and withholding tax documents.
A lawyer is needed to register the restructuring of the company with new shareholders, board of directors and all other required amendments to enable you to become the new owner legally and effectively.
Crucially, you need a lawyer to assist you in conducting due diligence on the legal aspect of the company you are purchasing in terms of it’s registration details, shareholders, board of directors and financial balance sheets.
For more information contact these recommended corporate lawyer:


Bangkok:      Ratchada Law Firm          Integrity Legal            Dej-Udom & Associates
Pattaya:        J.A.N. Inter Law
Phuket :        HWAL
Chiangmai:   Ad Legal Firm


Contract Lawyers- Contracts Under Thai law

In Thailand, as it is worldwide, all business transactions and agreements need to be put into writing in a contract that will be interpreted under the Thai Civil and Commercial code (TCCC). Contract law allows people to conduct business effectively and are a common part of business activity in Thailand. All contracts in Thailand are in Thai which makes it difficult for a foreigner to comprehend. Translations sometimes do not reflect the true legal sense of the contract and in such cases the services and advise of a contract lawyer with a good grip of Thai and English legal terminology is highly recommended.

Contract lawyers help you understand and interpret the meaning of the legal language of the language and the legal implications. Lawyers can make sure that your contract is drafted in a manner that secures your interests and at the same time, limit your liability. They can ensure an advantageous contract for you that is enforceable in Thai courts.

In case you are looking to buy an existing business you need to review the different contracts that are part and parcel of the business you are planning to buy, in terms of whether the contracts remain binding or whether you need to renegotiate new contracts. Before you purchase the business it may also be a good idea to run all contracts held by the existing business with your contact lawyer, as they can explain the legal implications to you.

For more information contact these recommended Contract Lawyers:


Bangkok :      Opus-Law      Hughes Krupica       Thai Contract Lawyer

Pattaya:        The Social Lawyers Co., Ltd
Phuket:         Patong Law Office
Chiangmai:   Lawyer Chiangmai 


Property Advisors & Lawyers- Buying, Leasing, Renting Commercial Properties

Most people when buying, renting or leasing commercial property in Thailand employ the services of property brokers and agents to find the most suitable property, negotiate terms and conditions and finalise the deal, based on a contract drafted and proposed by the landlord or seller. A property broker’s role is crucial to finding the right property, but that is actually the limit of the agency’s role, matching you with a seller and/or landlord.You have to understand that both you and the seller or landlord are the clients of the agency, while the seller or landlord would have had the agreement drafted by his/her own lawyer. In this scenario, you have to step back and consider, who’s watching your back?Hopefully, the answer is your own property lawyer.

Renting & Leasing a Commercial Property

A rental or lease agreement is governed by section 537 of the Thailand Civil and Commercial Code defined as a tenancy.
There are many aspects of commercial renting and leasing that you as a tenant should be fully aware of before committing to the agreement, especially as a foreigner.
Apart from this, a property lawyer can help in negotiations, understanding and explaining terminology and the consequences of clauses. A certain clause may sound quite harmless and inconsequential as understood by a layman but a lawyer can explain its implications which can have an adverse effect on you later. A lawyer can also check and verify facts concerning the lessor’s title deeds or the legal eligibility of the landlord to rent or lease out to you.

Buying Property For Your Business
Foreigners are allowed to own commercial buildings, condominium unit and houses in their own name. However, foreigners are not allowed to own Thailand in their name although there are options :
1. Through BOI investment
2. In the name of their Thai spouses
3. Through setting up a Thai limited company
4. a 30-year renewable lease which can be renewed twice with purchasing option.
Whichever options you choose, the process requires the expertise of a property lawyer
to help you navigate through the complexities.
Title deed reviews in Thailand are of utmost importance as the issues of ownership and transfer of ownership is much more complicated than in other countries. It’s is absolutely unadvisable to attempt this process without an experienced lawyer by your side.

In the case of you buying an existing business which includes a rental, lease or sale of property agreement, you would be well advised to seek out the assistance of a property lawyer.
In terms of rental, lease
- To review the agreement of the seller with the landlord whether it’s legally valid
-To review and ascertain whether the seller can sublease to you
-To establish whether you can draft out a fresh agreement with the landlord
In terms of transfer of property
A property lawyer will assist you in making sure that you retain ownership rights over property assets that have been bought as part of the purchase of an existing Thai business.
For more information contact these recommended property advisers and lawters:


Bangkok :       MS Law        Bangkok Property Lawyer         Konrad Legal
Pattaya :         DMC Inter Law & Consultants
Phuket:           Haris & Associates
Chiangmai :    Lanna Lawyers


Licenses & Compliances Advisors-Get Proper Licenses & Compliances For Specific Activities Under Thai Law

Depending on the category of your business, you may need to apply for licenses and permissions for certain activities in Thailand.A business license is issued by the Thai government or its agencies which permits your company to conduct specific activities. You need to set up your business and have it registered with the Ministry of Commerce prior to license application.
The process of getting licenses are in Thai to be approved by government agencies,which may prove complicated for a foreigner. For a smooth license approval, it is advisable to seek help from professionals.

Some of the more common licenses are:

Alcohol license
Food license
E-Commerce License
Hotel License
Import/Export License
FDA License
Construction License
Publishing License
Recruitment Agency License
Education Business Licenses
Tours & Travels Licenses

If you are purchasing an existing business, seek professional advice on the status of the licenses the business holds and whether it can be transferred after the business is purchased by you and restructured.

For more information contact these recommended licenses & compliances advisors :
Licenses & Compliances Advisors


Bangkok :       Antares         P&P International Legal         Reliance Consulting
Pattaya:         Thai Legal & Associates
Phuket:          Phuket Legal Firm
Chiangmai:    Legal & Business Associates Law Firm


Your Business Space

Commercial Property & Business Brokers/ Agencies - Find Commercial Property & Offices

Whether you are looking to buy, rent or lease corporate offices, industrial space, factoriesor buy an existing business such as pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels in Thailand, you would need to seek the professional help of
commercial property/business agencies who will present the options that most suit your requirements and assist you in viewing the available properties.
These are some of the commercial properties and businesses that agencies can help you find:
Office & Business Space
Serviced Offices

Finding a good reputed commercial property/business agent is important as they would have previously vetted the properties before proposing them to you for viewing.
Remember though that you still need to conduct due diligence with your own property lawyer, which is ultimately your responsibility.
For more information contact these recommended commercial property & business brokers/agencies:


Bangkok :       Sense Property        Bangkok Real Property       Soho Properties
Pattaya:          Global Solidor Enterprise
Phuket :          Woodrow Morris & Alexander
Chiangmai:     Chiangmai Properties


Interiors & Architects- for your office and workplace

Your office and workplace can go a long way in helping you impress clients, recruit and retain quality staff, create a productive working environment and increase productivity which would lead to better business performance and profitability.
Office and workplace solutions can be provided by office and commercial interior designers who can work out the right workplace strategy for you.
The services that professionals can provide:
. Analyse your company culture and workflow
. Creation of workplace that is aligned with your vision, business objectives and budget
. Efficient overall space utilisation
. Create space that is work inspiring, flexible and creative
. Create solutions for current work needs with flexibility for future adaptations
In the scenario of you taking an existing business over, it may be a good idea to revamp the workplace as a signal of a new beginning and at the same time modernise your office for increased creativity, productivity and workflow.
For more information contact these recommended commercial space interior designers & architects:


Bangkok:       InDesign And Consultant       Interior Passion        Whitespace       Tericon       Work Station
Pattaya :        Alpha Design & Construction
Phuket :         PHS Phuket Home Solutions
Chiangmai :   Design & Visio

Your Business Operational Solutions

Outsourced Finance, Accounting & Taxation

Running a business in Thailand as a foreign investor can be a complicated process. Fortunately, there are experienced professional in Thailand with deep knowledge of the local business landscape who provide a wide range of services including accounting, taxation and financial advice.
By outsourcing, you can focus on other important aspects and grow your business without having to invest and train your own finance & accounting team. Professionals can provide the services efficiently to you, saving you costs and increasing your profits.
They can help you with your accounting requirements in compliance with Thailand’s tax laws, accounting and other regulatory laws as specified in the Civil and Commercial Code, Public Limited Company Act, Revenue Code, Accounting Act and other related laws, providing with the financial information needed to help you monitor and optimise your business performance.

Highlights of services that can be provided include:

. Day to day accounting and tax compliance
. Preparing monthly accounts
. Preparing annual financial statements (including profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow)
. Provide a tailored accounting management solution
. Analyse your figures for you to have a more in-depth financial view of your business.
. Provide you with financial advice and information for your business
. Provide taxation consultations that can minimise your tax liabilities and increase profits.

In case you are taking over an existing business, professional consultants can review the current
finance, accounting and taxation system and make suggestions on how to improve its efficiency or provide you with an alternative tailor made one.
For more information contact these recommended professionals for outsourcing finance, accounting and taxation:


Bangkok :       Frank Legal & Tax       Dream Destiny       PKF Thailand
Pattaya:          Pattaya Audit
Phuket:           Bukit Accounting & Business
Chiangmai :    KNC Audit


Outsourced Payroll

The handling of payroll is time consuming in the calculation process and stressful as it also involves dealing with government agencies. Whether you are a small or mid-sized business it is advisable to seek professionals
who you can outsource payrolls to, in order to take advantage of reduced costs from not having to assign resources dedicated to payrolls, plus payroll experts will make your payroll error-free and in compliance with Thai tax law. As you free up valuable resources and cut down on stressful admin work you can focus on managing your business and improving productivity.
Payroll experts can provide the following services
. Customised payroll outsourcing
. Provide a simple, cost effective alternative that will ensure that accurate amounts of salary is received by your staff at the right time
. Payslips are provided with your company’s logo if required
. Ensure legal and government tax requirements are complied with
. Generate reports for you to keep updated with the monthly payroll

In the case of you purchasing an existing business, it would be advisable to outsource payroll and free up your time to concentrate on learning about the business and taking it to another level.

For more information contact these recommended professionals for outsourced payroll


Bangkok :      Fischer & Partners    Pinnacle X Outsourcing       RLC Outsourcing 
Pattaya :        CAT Accounting & Tax
Phuket:          Oceanic Accounting & Services
Chiangmai :   Pinij Accounting


Outsourced Staffing

Any business or organisation is as good as the staff, as efficient staff are important for the growth and success of your business.
You need the best staffing services to get the right staff on board while staffing agencies can supply you with flexible staffing who will work for as long as you require them.
Staff outsourcing services match your hiring needs with business demands and provide you staff without the legal hassle and financial obligations of employing full time staff.
The benefits of staff outsourcing:
. Decrease operating expenses with lower human resource costs.
. Free up time and resources to concentrate on income and profit generating activities
. Staff provided will already have experience which means no training costs
.Avoid staff high turnover problems

In case of buying an existing business, staff outsourcing services becomes essential. Purchasing a business with staff already on board does not necessarily mean they will continue under your employment after the sale or if they would work as efficiently as you might want. Its best to safeguard your business and employ the services of a staff outsourcing agency to make sure you are not left understaffed.

For more information contact these recommended professionals for outsourced staffing:


Bangkok :       PRTR       3 P Professional           Synesis Placement Solutions
Pattaya :         Simplicity

HR Consultants, Recruitment

As a foreign investor, you will have your work cut out for you in terms of staffing and building your team, most of whom will be Thai. One of the professional services that will be of utmost importance to you and the success of your business are the services of an HR Consultant who can:

. Find the right leaders for your organisation
. Workforce solutions both temporary and permanent positions
. HR foundation for your company
. Assist you in building successful teams
. Keep your workforce engaged, motivated and help them reach their potential
. Training for your team on various subjects

In the scenario of you purchasing an existing business you may want to employ the services of a HR Consultant to make the transition smoother, staff wise. If the previous owner is a Thai and a hands on person who personally took care of his staff, they may feel the absence of a person in authority who they can relate to. In this scenario, finding the right leader to lead the team during what could be a stressful situation for themwould be a good idea. Plus, HR consultants can help you build a new and better team.
For more information contact these recommended professionals for HR & recruitment:


Bangkok :       KTI Consultants        Staffers Recruitment Consultants
Phuket :         Tiger Consulting Asia


Your Business Strategies

Business and Marketing Strategists

Entering into the Thai market is quite a challenge and you will need all the help you can get to enable you to make it a success.
Business and marketing consultants, who are specialists of the Thai market can assist you to understand and analyse the market in relation to your area of business, which is a crucial first step before you start investing. As mentioned earlier, Thailand is an atypical market and concepts that may have worked in other countries may not necessarily gain traction in Thailand. Seeking the help of professionals to fine tune your concept based on research and market data ensures that you will be on the right track towards success. The value that you receive from professionals’ advice and services far outweighs the cost.

Some of the services that business and marketing consultants can provide:
. Market Research for informed decision-making
. Strategise your marketing plans
. Develop strategies that are competitive for your commercial and marketing plans
. Increase your market share and overtake competition
. Pricing and positioning strategy
. Increase reach and visibility
. Generate quality sales leads
. Enhance customer experience

In the case of you purchasing an existing business, its advisable to run the current business model by business and marketing consultants to review the best approach and strategies for your business for improved efficiency, productivity, sales and profits.

For more information contact these recommended business and marketing strategists:


Bangkok :       SMC
Chiangmai :    Chiangmai House


Hotel Business Consultants

Are you thinking of entering the Thai hospitality industry with a guesthouse or a hotel?
The hotel market is one of the most challenging segment in Thailand and you need to give your hotel the competitive edge. Fortunately, there are hospitality consultants who can provide you with customised project solutions from
hotel design, licensing, branding, digital setup through to launch.
Here are some of the services that a hospitality consultant can offer you:
, Concept, Branding and Marketing Strategies
. Design & Architecture
. Hotel Licensing
. OTA (online travel agents) Setup & Management
. Hotel Marketing
. Maximise RevPAR ( revenue per available room) strategies
. Hotel E Commerce Consulting for direct bookings

In the case of you purchasing a hotel, it’s best to employ the services of professional hotel consultants as you may want to revamp the concept, design and marketing strategies before the relaunch

For more information contact these recommended hotel business consultants:


Bangkok:           Questus       AHS       Beacon Sky
Chiangmai :       Ace Marketing Solutions      Thai Business Consultant 


Restaurants Consultants

Opening a restaurant in Thailand can be a lucrative business but be forewarned the competitive in this segment is stiff. Owning a restaurant and bar is by far the most popular business that foreigners get into in Thailand.
However, restaurants open and close on a daily basis and you have to be well equipped in every which way to fight for the coveted but elusive “ successful restaurant” space.
Seek professional help from restaurant business consultants and give yourself a fighting chance and competitive edge to win.

The services that professionals can provide:

. Market research to identify current environment, competition, trends and opportunities
. Review your concept in terms of feasibility, chances of success and adaptation of concept to suit local market and ensure success
. Architecture, interior designing & space planning
. Standard operating procedures
. Branding & concept development
. Marketing and PR
. Recruitment of dedicated teams and right staff as per your restaurant requirements
. Budgeting & accounting
. Training of staff to maximise productivity
. Menus, from creation of dishes to the menu presentation

In the case of purchasing a restaurant, you would need a revamp before the relaunch and
restaurant consultants can help you review the current concept in all aspects and ensure a higher
profitability with stronger branding, more efficient marketing and operating procedures.

For more information contact these recommended restuarant business consultants:


Bangkok :       Blue Salt       Cuisine Concept
Phuket:           Positive Kitchen  


Coffee Shop Consultants

Coffee drinking is now a part of the Thai cosmopolitan culture and has gained huge popularity in the last decade. Coffee Shops are another booming business in Thailand . If you are looking to enter into this business, you need to seekprofessional advice on the two most important aspects of this business which are coffee sourcing and barista training.

Professionals can help you with the following:

. Sourcing of coffee beans

. Barista training

. Advice on best coffee making machines & equipment

. Training of staff

. Creating coffee menus

. cafe setup

In the case of you buying an existing coffee shop, you should think of revamping the coffee menu for the relaunch. Professionals can advice you on how you can better grow your coffee shop business.


Bangkok:             93 Army Coffee          

Samutsakorn:      Phoenix Gold


Import/Export Consultants

Many foreign investors choose to enter into the import and export industry as the result of Thailand’s laws which are very supportive of import/export businesses, in particular, the1999 Foreign Business Act which makes it easier for companies to apply for permits and are exempt from paying the 51% shareholder tax.
However, in this business there are a lot of documentations in Thai and procedures that involve the Thai government and their agencies. For a smoother import/export operations, consult professionals who can help you out with the following:
. Import/Export Customs Management
. Shipping Services
. Sea Freight
. Airfreight
. Declaration and Clearance Process
when purchasing an existing import/export business you may want to employ the services of a professional to ascertain whether the existing system is operating at its optimal efficiency, in terms of costs and time.
For more information contact these recommended import/export consultants:


Bangkok:          Sara Import Export Co.        V-Friends Logistic      KTC Global Logistics
Samutprakarn:  Air Sea Business      


E Commerce Consultants

The ecommerce market in Thailand is booming with an increasing number of consumers shopping online resulting in the entry of ecommerce businesses into the market at a faster rate. If this is a field you are looking at, then you have to be prepared to face tough competition and would need all the professional help you can get. Ecommerce consultants will provide strategy, marketing and creativity that will create awareness and attract customers to your online shop .

Some of the services profesaionals can provide you:
. Market Feasibility
. Create an ecommerce website for your online store that provides a safe, secure, intuitive and captivating shopping experience. Fast loading websites that first convince and then convert.
. SEO friendly websites
.Best Online Channels Analysis
. Set your store up in local & global marketplaces such as Amazon, Lazada, Shopee etc., in terms of design, operation,
management, content creation.
. Drive traffic to your online shop though social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LIne
. Performance Analysis

In the scenario, you have purchased a business without an online store, you should consider creating one to tap the local and global ecommerce market. If the business comes with an online store then you might consider running it through
ecommerce professionals who can help you take it to the next level.
For more information contact these recommended ecommerce business consultants:


Bangkok:       T6Sec        Silken Asia       N-Squared eCommerce      SGF Services       Aware


Your Online Marketing Solutions

Website Solution Agencies

Your company’s website will be your first impression on prospective clients and although technically you could source out any programmer online to execute your concept, it is advisable not to do so. Consider hiring a skilled and professional website development agency who can not only help you build a polished web presence that speaks to your target audience in Thailand but can also offer market research of your potential clients and competitors leading to a customised web design concept specific to your company’s need.
The services that website development agencies can do for you:
. Market research of potential clients and competitors
. Brand Positioning
.Content Strategy
. Website design & development for visually creative and smooth functionality websites
. Retainer services to help you update and improve your online presence continuously.
. SEO and website marketing
In acquiring an existing business, you may want to evaluate the current website in terms of current trends of the digital market, whether it’s still relevant and is your online presence optimal. For that, seek the advice of a professional website development agency.
For more information contact these recommended website solutions professionals:


Bangkok:       KOS       Asia Media       Vimi
Pattaya:         We’re Humans
Phuket:          Crazy Web Studio
Chiangmai :   TOTOIT

Online and Digital Marketing Agencies

The digital era has transformed irrevocably how people consume information and in Thailand where the average person spends 8-12 hours of their time online, your online and marketing strategy needs to be top-notch. Many business owners feel they can do it themselves but if you are a foreigner in Thailand, it is extremely inadvisable to do so. Employ, instead, the services of a professional online and social media marketing consultants who are specialists of the Thai online scene and can present you with effective internet marketing strategies and to set up, implement and manage internet marketing campaigns that will drive traffic and leads to your business. You avoid trial and error techniques which may not bring the optimal results that are required for your business and instead may incur costly advertising mistakes for you.
The services that online and social media marketing consultants :
. SEO for visibility of your website on high ranking Google pages
. Efficient pay-per-click marketing campaigns
. Creative content creation & marketing
. Social Account Management & Advertising which includes-
Line Business Accounts
Influencers Marketing
In the case of you purchasing an existing business, you need to reevaluate the current business’s online and marketing strategy and may want to remap the way forward which an online and social media marketing agency can certainly guide you in the right direction.
For more information contact these recommended online & digital marketing professionals:


Bangkok :       Hy Digital      Idea Expert        Vault Mark
Pattaya:          Web Pattaya
Phuket:           Hue Marketing
Chiangmai:     Creative Chilli


Your Promotional Material

Design & Printing Of Flyers, Brochures, Menus, Marketing Material, Packaging.

To promote your business, you may need professional quality print material and on time to give a lasting impression for your business or an event. Here are some of the print material that printers can provide you:

.Business Cards
. Leaflets
. Brochures
. Marketing Material
. Posters
. Banners
. Menus
. Packaging
. Custom Products

For professional printing of flyers, brochures, menus, marketing material, packaging contact:


Bangkok:       Gogoprint        Easy Print Thailand        Tanabutr
Pattaya:         Big Banner Company
Phuket :         Phuket Quick Print
Chiangmai:    Astsco