Blog By RATCHADA LAW FIRM How To Incorporate Your Business Entity In Thailand

To start business operations in Thailand, you need to incorporate your business which can be a complicated process as the registration procedures and the documentations are in Thai. Foreigners are allowed to own 49% of a company while 51% must be Thai owned. There are exceptions to the rule but employing the professional services of a corporate lawyer is highly recommended as lawyers can help you understand and review the different incorporation options in Thailand according to your business needs and at the same time make sure that all the necessary requirements are met under Thai law. A professional law firm can also help you out with your work permit and visa while setting up your company.

In case you are considering buying an existing business in Thailand instead of starting one from scratch, then the services of a corporate lawyer becomes essential. The good news is by buying an existing business, getting a work permit on board would become an easier task.A company in Thailand must have a minimum of four Thai employees before it can apply for one work permit for a foreigner. Existing Thai businesses may already have the required number of staff with social security and withholding tax documents.
A lawyer is needed to register the restructuring of the company with new shareholders, board of directors and all other required amendments to enable you to become the new owner legally and effectively.
Crucially, you need a lawyer to assist you in conducting due diligence on the legal aspect of the company you are purchasing in terms of it’s registration details, shareholders, board of directors and financial balance sheets.

At Rachada Law Firm, we can help with your LEGAL EGISTRATION which includes:

1.Registration of limited partnership, PLC, common under taking
2.Registration and Amendment of name, address, aims, shareholder, merger and acquisiton
3.VAT Registration, TAX No. Registration, Social Security Registration
4.Company termination
5.Commercial Registration
6.Trademark, Patents, Copyrights Registration

The company limited’s registration shall be divided into 2 steps as follows:

1.Registering the Memorandum.
2.Registering the Company Limited’s Establishment.

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