3 Top Reasons Why A Chao Phraya River Cruise Is A Great Way To Kickstart Your Festive Season

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3 Top Reasons Why A Chao Phraya River Cruise Is A Great Way To Kickstart Your Festive Season
image Credit - Mr. Paitoon.

3 Top Reasons Why A Chao Phraya River Cruise Is A Great Way To Kickstart Your Festive Season

Written By - Jongkol M.

Celebrations and merriment is in full swing in the city of Bangkok as people are eager to shed off the darkness of 2020.

One of the ways people have decided to start this year’s festive season is by cruising down the Chao Phraya river, with a myriad of cruises to choose from.

 To name a few, we have The Riverside Cruise, Royal Princess Cruise, Meridien Alanka Cruise, Chaophraya Cruise and River Star Princess.

Time To Chill

The river is a great healer and nothing is more soothing than to feel the cool air of the winter night washing over you and taking away the stress and trauma of 2020.

One can reflect on how the past year has effected our lives and how we can look positively forward towards 2021.

People love to book their tables on the upper deck that opens up to the starry sky for chill time with themselves, their family or loved ones.

Time To Brighten Up

Disperse away the darkness and brighten up your life as the cruise takes you along the river which is lit up with dazzling lights.

No matter how many times you may have taken this river cruise, the various places and temples decorated with lights of different colour and styles, illuminating the Chao Phraya River into life will never fail to uplift you and brighten you up immediately.

The most picturesque ones are the ICONSIAM, The Temple of Dawn, The Royal Palace and Rama 8 bridge. 

Asiatique, the river front, a popular shopping mall and tourist attraction looks stunning on the bank of the river. In front of Asiatique is the Sirimahannop Tall Ship, a new landmark on the Chao Phraya River.

The Maharaj, surrounded by rich cultural heritage and tourist attraction looks exquisite on the riverside.

Other gorgeous sights are all the 5 Star International hotels, namely Millennium Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Mandarin Hotel, Shangri-la hotel. The Peninsula Hotel, IBIS Hotel, Chatrium Hotel, all of them portraying a majestic sight on the bank of the river.

Time To Celebrate

As you cruise along the river and as you absorb the majestic illuminated sight on both sides of the river, you will be pampered with great food and the sound of music, played by life bands. People sing and dance to the rhythm of the music under the moonlight sky and fresh winter wind that has come to visit the city of Bangkok

As we walk along the side of the cruise we see families, we see friends, we see loved ones all celebrating and having a wonderful and happy night together.

Every time a cruise goes under the bridge you will hear the sound of people cheering loudly, an old belief that it will bring good luck. Good luck is what everybody is looking forward to in the coming New Year 2021. In all people hearts, we all wish for a wonderful year in 2021....